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Alycia Moss

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Alycia T. Moss has been assisting individuals and businesses navigate the U.S. immigration system since 2012. Alycia earned her Juris Doctor from the University of Idaho College of Law in 2005, the same year she was licensed to practice law in Idaho. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Colorado at Denver in 1996, receiving her degree in History.

Before law school, Alycia lived and studied in Russia and was a small business owner. She spent a year studying at St.Petersburg State University and built, operated, and managed a guest ranch in eastern Idaho. During law school she was the student government vice president, law clerk for the Ambassador for War Crimes Issues at the U.S. State Department, exchange student at Skope Law School in Macedonia, and a published student author in the Michigan State International Law Review.

When not helping immigrants navigate the labyrinth of U.S. immigration law, Alycia enjoys everything outdoors and spending time with her daughters. If she weren’t practicing immigration law, she would be a backpacking guide.

Alycia T. Moss is also licensed in Canada as a Barrister and Solicitor to practice Canadian immigration law.

Federal Court Admissions

  • Idaho Federal District Court
  • 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Professional Associations:  

  • American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)
  • Washington and Idaho Regional Sections of AILA
  • Idaho State Bar Association
  • Idaho First District Bar Association
  • Washington State Bar Association
  • Kootenai County Chamber of Commerce
  • John P Gray Bench Bar Forum

Volunteer Work:

  • Idaho Volunteer Lawyer’s Program
  • Idaho State Bar Professional Conduct Board
  • Idaho State Bar Exam Grader
  • AILA Eastern Washington Committee Chair
  • AILA Washington Congressional Liaison Committee
  • AILA Idaho Chair
  • AILA Idaho Congressional Liaison Committee Co-Chair
  • Co-Chair of AILA Idaho’s Conference Committee
  • AILA Board of Governors
  • Annual Citizenship Days, Washington and Idaho

Professional Activities

  • Idaho Academy for Leadership for Lawyers (IALL), class of 2018-2019
  • Annual Lobbying of  Congress regarding immigration laws (National Day of Action)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution, 2005
  • Director, Merger Mines, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
  • Board Member, Share Our World

Free Legal Clinics and Know Your Rights Presentations:

  • Mattawa
  • Othello
  • Catholic Charities


  • ‬Spirit of the Class Award‭, ‬University of Idaho College of Law‭, ‬2005
  • 2017‭ ‬Denise O’Donnell Day Pro Bono Award‭,‬

In the News:

  • Strength in Numbers‭, ‬The Inlander July‭, ‬12‭, ‬2018‭   ‬Note‭: ‬client to provide link
  • ‬Kootenai Democrats‭ - ‬America’s immigration policy‭: #‬sad‭!‬
  • Inlander‭ - ‬Where's your papers
  • American Immigration Lawyers Association‭ - ‬National Day of Action
  • ‬Idaho State Bar‭ - ‬North Idaho member recognition

Speaking/Teaching Engagements:

  • Speaker/Contributor at Gonzaga Law School’s Immigration Clinic
  • Speaker/Contributor at University of Idaho’s Immigration Clinic
  • Presenter on the Intersection of Criminal Law and Imer immigration‭, ‬‬Kootenai County Public Defender’s Office‭, ‬2019
  • Speaker‭, ‬Access to Justice Conference‭, ‬Spokane‭, ‬WA‭, ‬2019
  • ‬Presenter on Immigration and Human Resources‭, ‬Idaho Department of Labor‭, ‬‬Human Resources regarding I-9‭ ‬Compliance‭, ‬Sandpoint‭, ‬Idaho‭, ‬2018
  • Speaker‭, ‬2nd Annual AILA Idaho Chapter Annual Conference‭, ‬2018
  • Presenter Spokane County Bar Association‭, ‬CLE Navigating Immigration Consequences‭ ‬and Complications‭, ‬2019
  • ‬H-2B Training for Centro de Comunidad y Justicia‭, ‬Boise‭, ‬Idaho‭, ‬2019‭ ‬
  • Presenter at Idaho League of Women Voters regarding‭ ‬how to become a citizen‭, ‬‬Coeur d’Alene‭, ‬ID‭, ‬2018‭ ‬
  • Presenter at Human Resources Network of North Idaho‭ (‬HRNNI‭) ‬Meeting regarding‭ ‬I-9‭ ‬Compliance‭, ‬2018
  • Speaker at Families Together Rally‭, ‬Coeur d’Alene‭, ‬Idaho‭, ‬2018
  • Presenter at Spokane County Bar Association CLE‭, ‬2017
  • Speaker at First District Bar Association‭, ‬2017
  • ‬Presenter at Idaho Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys Conference‭, ‬2017
  • Speaker at Progressive Dinners‭, ‬“Immigration Dilemmas in Our BackYard”‭ ‬2017
  • ‬Speaker at Kootenai County Democrat Club‭, ‬2017
  • Speaker at Boundary County Farmworkers Know Your Rights Event‭, ‬2017
  • ‬Presenter‭, ‬Immigration Law CLE‭, ‬First District Bar Association‭, ‬Coeur d’Alene‭, ‬Idaho 2017

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