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Extraordinary Ability & the O Visa

June 27, 2019

Extraordinary Ability & the O Visa

If you are a non-immigrant with an extraordinary ability in science, art, education, athletics, or business who is wanting to come to the United States for a particular job, performance, or project, you may be eligible to receive an O Visa.

Some of the advantages of an O Visa include, there are no caps on how many O Visas can be issued, they are issued for as long as the job, performance, or project is necessary, and O Visas can be issued relatively quickly. Like with many other visas, a person admitted under an O Visa may also apply to bring assistants necessary for their job, performance, or project and their family members with them for the length of their visa stay.

To qualify for an O Visa you must be able to demonstrate your “extraordinary ability” through national or international acclaim. This level of acclaim can be shown through verifiable expertise in your particular field or if you have achieved a level of skill that has earned you recognition. You may be able to prove your “extraordinary ability” through awards unique to your field.

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