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H-1C Nurses

H-1C Nurses

Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) Nurses

The H-1C is a very limited visa. No more than 500 visas will be issued each year for nurses to work in hospitals in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs).

You must make the following attestations to the Department of Labor (DOL) to qualify to employ an H-1C nurse:

  • You are a hospital that, as of March 31, 1997, was located in a designated HPSA and that, since 1994, has not had less than 190 licensed acute care beds, and has had at least 35 percent of its patients entitled to Medicare and at least 28 percent entitled to Medicaid; 
  • That the employment will not adversely affect wages and working conditions of RNs similarly employed;
  • That you are taking steps to recruit and retain sufficient RNs who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents; and
  • That there is no strike or lockout in the course of a labor dispute and that the facility did not layoff RNs within 90 days before and 90 days after the date of filing of the visa petition.