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T Visa

T Visa

Trafficking Victims

T status is a humanitarian form of immigration relief available to victims of severe forms of trafficking in persons who provide assistance to law enforcement. When granted, T status allows individuals to live and work lawfully in the U.S. It also provides access to a wide range of government-funded benefits and services. It’s typically granted for an initial period of four years and provides a path to permanent residence (green card). You can get derivative T status for certain qualifying family members as well.

You must prove that you:

  • Are a victim of a severe form of trafficking in persons;
  • Are physically present in the United States on account of trafficking;
  • Have complied with reasonable requests for assistance from law enforcement relating to the trafficking, are unable to cooperate due to physical or psychological trauma, or are under 18; and
  • Would suffer extreme hardship involving unusual and severe harm upon removal.

Trafficking can include entering illegally using a coyote if you were forced to work, provide any services, sexual or non-sexual, or forced to stay somewhere against your will, as well as labor and sex trafficking after you have entered the U.S. legally or illegally.